Голова в сперме

Conclusions Formation of the mammalian sperm head involves assembly and different polarization of two novel spermiogenesis-specific LINC. Computer simulations of a sperm whale's head show that an organ called the junk may help protect the brain when ramming other whales — or. J Androl. 2003 Mar-Apr;24(2):232-8. The human sperm head: a key for successful fertilization.

El-Ghobashy AA(1), West CR. Author information: (1)Department. Failure of acrosome biogenesis results in impaired formation and shaping of the sperm head. This has been typically demonstrated in studies on Azh/azh (Moch. The sperm whale's head houses a massive organ used for echolocation. Martin Harris explains. Variational modularity at the cell level: insights from the sperm head of the house mouse.

Nuria MedardeEmail author,; Francesc Muñoz-Muñoz,; María José. J Androl. 2001 Jan-Feb;22(1):104-10. Objectively measured sperm motility and sperm head morphometry in boars (Sus scrofa): relation to fertility and seminal. The fine structure of the sperm head, especially the acrosome and the subacrosomal The very thin sperm heads of bulls, rams, boars, rabbits, hares, and.

Scientists have been observing sperm cells since the invention of the optical microscope. But surprisingly little has been known about sperm. Elife. 2017 Sep 25;6. pii: e28199. doi: 10.7554/eLife.28199. Essential role for SUN5 in anchoring sperm head to the tail. Shang Y(1)(2), Zhu F(3)(4), Wang.

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